Source: The Housewife Modern. 2015            Source: The Housewife Modern. 2015. (Edited:                                                                                                   29/09/2016)

 The image that has been selected for this section is an advertisement with a sexist statement implying that woman belongs at the foot of a man. The caption itself implies that the woman should always be at a man’s foot; however the image is much more powerful. The image shows a woman looking lovingly at a shoe, which is a male shoe. This image is more powerful than the caption as it is implying that woman not only enjoy being at the foot of a man but desire to be.

The woman staring longingly at the shoe is naked. This brings an element of sexuality into the advertisement and aids the description. From the fact that the woman is naked it can be assumed that the creators of this advertisement are not only saying that a woman belongs at a man’s foot, but must also be ready for sexual activity whenever he is. This image makes woman look helpless and men look like powerful beings.

I have changed the caption of the image to query if the males developing this know where a woman belongs as well as whether or not they are aware of the power a woman has.




Source: Ozmoz. 2016


Through this essay it will be identified how organisations, in the instance Gucci, uses semiotic images to enhance the quality of their advertisements and ultimately sell products and services to make a profit.

The print advertisement that will be used for this analysis is an advertisement by Gucci for their ‘Pour Homme’ fragrance for men. The advertisement, featured above, depicts two presumably naked people, very close together.

A semiotic analysis is an analysis of the aspects of communication, such as body language, symbols and other aspects, that communicate something of their own within the context of the main communication ( 2016)

Each of the following sections will discuss a different aspect of the advertisement.



POSITION: The male in the advertisement shows a dominant position over the woman through the way he is above her, as well as behind her. This gives the impression that she is at his command and he controls her. This implies that if a man is to use this fragrance he will be able to control or dominate a woman.

NAKED BODIES: The fact that there seems to be no clothing between the male and the female seems to imply that there may be sexual activity occurring. This is reinforced through the facial expression of the woman. This implies that if the fragrance is to be used, the man using it will be more sexually desired by woman.

FACIAL EXPRESSION: The man’s facial expression shows one of guilt and pleasure. This works in correlation with the idea that the fragrance is “guilty” of something. This implies that if a man uses this fragrance he can get away with more than what he would get away with if he were not wearing the fragrance.

RED LIPSTICK: The woman has red lips, which implies sexuality, passion and danger. This makes the woman more desirable. This implies to the male reading the advertisement that if he were to wear the fragrance he would attract more attractive and desirable woman.


TYPEFACE: All the typing in this advertisement is in the same font, which creates uniformity through-out the advertisement. This creates a sense of danger and mystery, as if the people in the advertisement are in control of their surroundings. This is a desirable state for humans and will influence men who wish to be more organised and in control to buy the fragrance.

BACKGROUND: The solid black background provides mystery to the advertisement as well as a sense of power. This would not influence people to purchase the product but instead aids the idea of guilt within the image.


The Gucci advertisement is very effective in creating a sense of mystery and the idea of guilt and sexuality of this product. This advertisement did not over complicate its text or imagery and this worked in its favour.

Through reinforcing each aspect, such as guilt, by using another aspect, led to the advertisement being highly appropriate and successful.



Tab 2: Baby In A Mug


Source: Mommy Shorts: Yawning Babe In a Mug. 2014

This image was taken as a part of a website project. The website depicts all sorts of images where it seems as if people or objects are coming out of a mug. The image is adorable and the baby looks incredibly peaceful, sleeping comfortably on a warm blanket in a warm baby grow.

However, it may not be as it is depicted to be. Images like this do not occur on the first try and the photographer must have taken dozens of photos to get the right angle and lighting. The image may even be retouched, it is unclear.

Any one that has ever had a child or work with children know that they are difficult to work with, and even cooperate with. This image may not have happened easily and there will definitely be a back story.

Getting a child to sleep in a certain position is almost impossible and the photographer would have had to wait for the perfect moment. The child may look happy and peaceful, however that may be untrue. This image may have been taken slightly before the child woke up hungry or wet, and needed care and attention.

Every single photograph ever taken has a backstory and information. This is not always clear in the photo and the photographer may not want it to be clear.


TAB 1: The Human Chariot


Source: Authors Private Collection. 2014

Depicted in the image above is matric dance entrance. In the image it is clear that the boys are walking down the road with ease and everyone has smiles on their faces. This image is of a light-hearted event that will bring about laughter for those who were at the event and those that view the photos. Most people viewing the image would not think more of it than that.

However, being part of the event myself I can clarify that this was not a light-hearted event and in fact caused much stress and anxiety. The girl in the picture was one of my closest friends and had her matric dance completely organised except for her entrance. She approached my for help the day before the event and I had to organise the cart, the boys and the decorations.

Although the couple in the back look happy and relaxed, they are in fact very uncomfortable, being squashed into a cart designed for two small children, with a handle in the middle of the cart.

There was much tension when the boys arrived to pull the cart as the date of my friend, the boy in the cart, felt insecure as the focus of the entrance was no longer on the two entering the dance but instead on the shirtless males walking through an all-girls high school.

The final incorrect assumption about this image is that the males pulling the cart were doing it with ease. This is not true, as straight after this photo was taken the boys needed to pull the cart up a hill and over a set of speed-bumps, all while smiling for the camera.