Source: The Housewife Modern. 2015            Source: The Housewife Modern. 2015. (Edited:                                                                                                   29/09/2016)

 The image that has been selected for this section is an advertisement with a sexist statement implying that woman belongs at the foot of a man. The caption itself implies that the woman should always be at a man’s foot; however the image is much more powerful. The image shows a woman looking lovingly at a shoe, which is a male shoe. This image is more powerful than the caption as it is implying that woman not only enjoy being at the foot of a man but desire to be.

The woman staring longingly at the shoe is naked. This brings an element of sexuality into the advertisement and aids the description. From the fact that the woman is naked it can be assumed that the creators of this advertisement are not only saying that a woman belongs at a man’s foot, but must also be ready for sexual activity whenever he is. This image makes woman look helpless and men look like powerful beings.

I have changed the caption of the image to query if the males developing this know where a woman belongs as well as whether or not they are aware of the power a woman has.


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