Tab 2: Baby In A Mug


Source: Mommy Shorts: Yawning Babe In a Mug. 2014

This image was taken as a part of a website project. The website depicts all sorts of images where it seems as if people or objects are coming out of a mug. The image is adorable and the baby looks incredibly peaceful, sleeping comfortably on a warm blanket in a warm baby grow.

However, it may not be as it is depicted to be. Images like this do not occur on the first try and the photographer must have taken dozens of photos to get the right angle and lighting. The image may even be retouched, it is unclear.

Any one that has ever had a child or work with children know that they are difficult to work with, and even cooperate with. This image may not have happened easily and there will definitely be a back story.

Getting a child to sleep in a certain position is almost impossible and the photographer would have had to wait for the perfect moment. The child may look happy and peaceful, however that may be untrue. This image may have been taken slightly before the child woke up hungry or wet, and needed care and attention.

Every single photograph ever taken has a backstory and information. This is not always clear in the photo and the photographer may not want it to be clear.


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