TAB 1: The Human Chariot


Source: Authors Private Collection. 2014

Depicted in the image above is matric dance entrance. In the image it is clear that the boys are walking down the road with ease and everyone has smiles on their faces. This image is of a light-hearted event that will bring about laughter for those who were at the event and those that view the photos. Most people viewing the image would not think more of it than that.

However, being part of the event myself I can clarify that this was not a light-hearted event and in fact caused much stress and anxiety. The girl in the picture was one of my closest friends and had her matric dance completely organised except for her entrance. She approached my for help the day before the event and I had to organise the cart, the boys and the decorations.

Although the couple in the back look happy and relaxed, they are in fact very uncomfortable, being squashed into a cart designed for two small children, with a handle in the middle of the cart.

There was much tension when the boys arrived to pull the cart as the date of my friend, the boy in the cart, felt insecure as the focus of the entrance was no longer on the two entering the dance but instead on the shirtless males walking through an all-girls high school.

The final incorrect assumption about this image is that the males pulling the cart were doing it with ease. This is not true, as straight after this photo was taken the boys needed to pull the cart up a hill and over a set of speed-bumps, all while smiling for the camera.


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