Source: Ozmoz. 2016


Through this essay it will be identified how organisations, in the instance Gucci, uses semiotic images to enhance the quality of their advertisements and ultimately sell products and services to make a profit.

The print advertisement that will be used for this analysis is an advertisement by Gucci for their ‘Pour Homme’ fragrance for men. The advertisement, featured above, depicts two presumably naked people, very close together.

A semiotic analysis is an analysis of the aspects of communication, such as body language, symbols and other aspects, that communicate something of their own within the context of the main communication ( 2016)

Each of the following sections will discuss a different aspect of the advertisement.



POSITION: The male in the advertisement shows a dominant position over the woman through the way he is above her, as well as behind her. This gives the impression that she is at his command and he controls her. This implies that if a man is to use this fragrance he will be able to control or dominate a woman.

NAKED BODIES: The fact that there seems to be no clothing between the male and the female seems to imply that there may be sexual activity occurring. This is reinforced through the facial expression of the woman. This implies that if the fragrance is to be used, the man using it will be more sexually desired by woman.

FACIAL EXPRESSION: The man’s facial expression shows one of guilt and pleasure. This works in correlation with the idea that the fragrance is “guilty” of something. This implies that if a man uses this fragrance he can get away with more than what he would get away with if he were not wearing the fragrance.

RED LIPSTICK: The woman has red lips, which implies sexuality, passion and danger. This makes the woman more desirable. This implies to the male reading the advertisement that if he were to wear the fragrance he would attract more attractive and desirable woman.


TYPEFACE: All the typing in this advertisement is in the same font, which creates uniformity through-out the advertisement. This creates a sense of danger and mystery, as if the people in the advertisement are in control of their surroundings. This is a desirable state for humans and will influence men who wish to be more organised and in control to buy the fragrance.

BACKGROUND: The solid black background provides mystery to the advertisement as well as a sense of power. This would not influence people to purchase the product but instead aids the idea of guilt within the image.


The Gucci advertisement is very effective in creating a sense of mystery and the idea of guilt and sexuality of this product. This advertisement did not over complicate its text or imagery and this worked in its favour.

Through reinforcing each aspect, such as guilt, by using another aspect, led to the advertisement being highly appropriate and successful.



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