Online or cyber culture is something that has emerged very rapidly into the world. Once the Internet was linked and people were able to connect to cyberspace there was no stopping online culture.

Within online culture there are many subcultures that can be identified. I belong to the ‘text’ culture of the Internet which allows people to be in contact with other people twenty four hours a day. The implications of this is that I am constantly feeling the need to check my phone or laptop to see if there is any messages that I need to attend to, instead of focusing on the people around me and interacting with them.

Another culture that has emerged from online culture is the ‘culture’ of illegally downloading movies, music and books. Due to easy access millions of people in the world download these things and never pay the artist, actors, authors and editors that take time and money to produce this. This is a very common culture and almost any teenager and young adult has been a part of this.

This is where ethical issues are prevalent in online culture. If these products were not so easily accessible, people would be forced to pay for them, and most people are very aware of this. The ethical issue is whether or not to download the products for free or to pay for them.

Another way of describing this issue is if a child is in a shopping centre and is told that they may leave with the toy that they want for free, no consequences for them, however the person that created the toy will have to suffer by not being paid. The child will want to pay for the product to help the person who created it, but will be very tempted by the idea of walking away with the toy for free.

Most people in the world will download the music for free and not feel guilty, and this is due to cyber or online culture.


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