Source: Vogue. 2015

Taylor Swift is an American singer who has won numerous awards for her music. She is world famous and idolised by many. The image above is a snapshot from her music video Bad Blood 2014.


In the image Taylor Swifts ‘squad’ or group of friends is shown. This is one of the ideologies that Swift holds. She is known for being surrounded by family and friends. This is an ideology that is desired by most people.


One of the most appealing aspects or ideologies held by Swift is her immense fame. People look up to her and wish to be her as they desire being famous. People want to be known, and Swift has managed to make herself known.


There is not a person in the world that does not, to some degree, want to be wealthy. Swift embodies a wealthy, young, and seemingly happy person. Forbes (2016) estimated Swifts worth to be $250 million (International Business Times. 2016).


Being twenty-six years old, Swift embodies the ideal age and body type of most women. The majority of cultures on the earth desire youth, it is seen as the ideal stage of life.


Many women idolise Swift as she has the ‘ideal’ body type that is praised in today’s society. She is tall and has a small frame. She body is skinny. This is desired by media today.


The image above is used as a visual representation of most of the arguments stated in this section.

  1. Friends: In the music video ‘Bad Blood’, swift included her closest friends. The image depicts half of the women in the video and shows how Swift has a large variety of people in her ‘squad’.
  2. Fame: The image is taken from her music video for ‘Bad Blood’ which was seen on Youtube over 960 387 534 views (Youtube. 2016). This shows how famous Swift is.
  3. Youth: All the women in the picture above are at the ‘ideal’ age for media today. All the women are below 30 years of age.
  4. Body Type: In the image above Swifts body type is put on display. The majority of women in the world wish to look like her.

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