Globalisation is the process whereby all the cultures of the world merge together to become one unified culture. This process has been sped up through mass media.

I have responded to globalisation by ensuring that I do not allow other people, of my own culture or otherwise, affect my belief system. No matter what is told to me by other people, or the new trend of “atheism”, I will always remain Christian. There are many people who have converted from the religion they were born into, into something else that they have discovered through their lives. This is not a negative thing and people should be able to make their own choices but globalisation seems to push people into believing in more scientific descriptions of how the earth was created and less into having a faith. I truly believe that having a faith, whatever faith it is, is beneficial to a person’s life.

I have also responded to globalisation by ensuring, when I can, that I buy local products. This not only slows down the process of global convergence and globalisation but also helps the South African economy.  It is important to maintain the South African economy as many of the products and services offered in the country are from other countries and do not possess the same heritage as those products made here. This concept is the same for every country. All countries people should try their hardest to purchase products and services made in that country as this will slow down globalisation and maintain the culture and heritage that is so important to every country.


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